APCA Drug Testing Program

Non-Compliance Penalties

Failing a Drug Test

Failing a drug screen will result in immediate revocation of the mariner's USCG-issued credentials. Once revoked, the Coast Guard and mariner may enter a settlement agreement where the mariner enrolls into a Substance Abuse Program (SAP) to earn their credential back. This will entail finding an SAP professional who will review your case and assign the length and requirements of your SAP Program. The mariner will need to be randomly tested each month for 12 months as one of the requirements of the SAP Program. APCA can track and manage the drug testing requirements for mariners at a cost of $120 per test which includes the Return to Work Letter issued at the successful completion of the SAP program.

Commercial Penalties

Refusing to or improperly implementing a random testing program for you and your mariners in a safety sensitive position can cost up to $5,000 a day per day per violation! Enroll with APCA and ensure you never incur these Federal Penalties. You'll need the random testing program in place for your business to successfully pass a Drug and Alcohol Program Information (DAPI) Audit or earn your Certificate of Inspection (COI) anyway.