APCA Drug Testing Program

About Us

Drug testing started under President Ronald Reagan after a Navy pilot crashed into the USS Nimitz while landing in 1981. Mandatory drug testing began for safety-sensitive Federal executive and civil service employees, and at the time, a majority was found to be under the influence. Due to this, President Reagan used the Commission on Organized Crime to bring the policy to the private sector in 1986. Since that time, the American Professional Captains Association has pioneered the drug testing program and has assured compliance for over 10,000 mariners and employers from Alaska to the Caribbean; from Maine to California and everywhere in between.

At a very competitive annual cost, we pay for all pre-employment and random tests our members receive. We cover all associated costs for those tests including the lab fees, Medical Review Officer (MRO) fees, collection fees, and administrative fees. As a way of saying thank you, we offer a discounted cost for members who renew their memberships. We are here to answer questions and make sure every mariner and employer has the documents they need to prove compliance with the Federal Regulations. Enroll Online Today or Contact APCA!