APCA Drug Testing Program

Business Compliance Kit

Record Keeping

APCA will manage all test records per 49 CFR 40 and 46 CFR 16 and will issue a Letter of Compliance as proof of successful enrollment into APCA's random testing program. While it is permissible to have APCA retain your records, you will need to be able to produce them within 2 days of a request by the Coast Guard. Therefore, it is a good idea to keep a copy with your license. If necessary, call APCA and they will provide this information immediately.

EAP/DER Training

46 CFR Part 16.401 requires all merchant mariners, sole proprietors or otherwise, to receive 60 minutes of training regarding drug testing regulations and substance abuse in the workplace. APCA provides the business drug policy, substance abuse hotline numbers, and other educational materials necessary for a registered business to train and record the progress of their supervisory personnel and employees.

Post Accident Materials

Mandatory post-accident drug testing materials are provided by APCA for registered businesses. There is an additional $60 charge for each post-accident drug test used since it isn’t a part of the random testing program.

MIS Report

APCA submits the annual MIS Report for all of our registered businesses and their employees by every March 15th. By April, each business will be able to request a physical copy of the MIS Report submitted on their behalf to be kept for USCG review if necessary.