APCA Drug Testing Program



APCA offers random drug testing services for mariners and employers at a very competitive annual cost of $105.

This $105 fee pays for each Pre-Employment and Random drug screen taken for the APCA and will cover all of the associated costs for your first year of membership in the random program. If you remain with APCA for subsequent years, we lower our annual membership rate to $95 as a way of thanking you for your loyalty. This lower fee will continue to pay for any random drug screens APCA issues and their associated costs.

Any mariner who has already been subject to a DOT-USCG random testing program within the last 6 months may use proof of that to exempt themselves from a new Pre-employment drug screen for APCA. However, the membership fee will still be incurred.


Registering a maritime business to receive the APCA Random Drug Testing Program Business Compliance Kit entails a one-time enrollment cost of $100. This cost does NOT cover the employees of the business whom will need to enroll individually. They will still be placed under the business's account though. All mandatory documents and post-accident alcohol swabs are included with the initial enrollment cost but new swabs will need to be replaced annually at a cost of $7.00 per swab.

While materials for Post Accident testing is provided, those instances can't be foreseen and may never occur. While our members aren't charged for those services until APCA is notified of the need, all associated drug testing fees will be covered by a separate $60 charge. Replacement materials are sent immediately at an additional cost of $60 per Custody Control Form.